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~Stretch Therapy~



~Post Isometric Muscle Release (PIMR)~

Another type of therapy that also requires the recipient to actively participate.  Both passive and active stretches are performed with the therapist and are designed to specifically target tight musclesThe application of a vapocoolant acts as a counter-irritant to myofascial pain due to muscle spasm and trigger points.  At times, cold stones may also be used.  These can help reduce pain and swelling to ease muscle injury.  Bamboo rolling techniques are also an amazing way to target tight muscles. 


*Can be added to a Deep Tissue Massage at your request or, if recommended by the therapist.

Benefits of Spray and Stretch Thereapies & PIMR:

Releases constricted areas in the muscles, which alleviates pain.

Sports doctor treating injured sportman'
(Therapist applies vapocoolant to muscle strain)
A qualified therapist doing a pressure p
(Therapist performs Pressure Point Release)
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