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The Story Behind the Name:

Holly M. Waddell, LMT - Sunshine Upon You

Sunshine Upon You is a culmination of several ideas and one sweet little moment, all rolled into one enlightened realization (literally).

​As I sat on my patio one day, mulling over all the names I could use for my practice, words like Serenity, Calm, and Tranquility all came to mind. As I searched the web though, I kept finding that most EVERYTHING I thought of seemed to already be taken in the world of social media.

I grew a bit discouraged, but knew I'd have to keep searching if I wanted something different and meaningful to me.

I closed my eyes and faced the sun as I often do whenever I'm outdoors...

~The instant feeling I got as all the little neutrinos made their way to me was...

like a magical...



warm hug from a loved one.~

As I opened my eyes, I looked directly beside me to see my little furry friend "JoJo the Cat" sitting on the chair beside me with her eyes closed, face slanted upward, blanketed by the same wonderful rays of the sun. The edges of her mouth curled upward, it was almost as if she were smiling.


It was then I knew it! The perfect name for my practice!

~Do you know that feeling too?~

~When the sun shines upon you and for just a moment all your worries disappear as you feel the loving warmth that surrounds you.~

It's a feeling we can count on to be there for us each day if we just allow it Perhaps you'll find it in a child's hug, the arms of a loved one, in the concern of a kindred spirit, or kindness of a perfect stranger.  It is there... in some way... whether the sun is shining, or not. 


~It's a feeling I'd love each and every one of my clients to experience... if even for  just a moment.~


And so...

Sunshine Upon You was born.

I invite you to come in soon and enjoy the many benefits of a therapeutic massage with me.


~Make your own sunshine!~

With kindness and warmth,


Playful domestic cat lying on wooden ben
Playful domestic cat lying on wooden ben
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