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~Exercise Therapy: YOGA & BARRE~

PHYSICAL EXERCISE can be a great way to alleviate stress and get those good endorphins going.  If your exercise of choice is YOGA then you can be sure to receive many more health benefits than just the physical looking better ones.  With YOGA you can experience a TOTAL mind, body experience!  Let's add in the opportunity to experience YOGA in NATURE and you'll be doing even more to FEEL YOUR BEST.

Please read below for the many many benefits of some of the Exercise Therapies offered by Sunshine Upon You and be sure to sign up for some classes or personalized one-on-one instruction USING THE LINK to YOGA Classes.

**Please note that I hold myself to the highest standards and believe in having the utmost integrity when it comes to teaching others and serving my community.  My classwork and chosen certifications were not gained in a one-day workshop.  I carefully select well-respected and governed licensees by nationally recognized certifying bodies like YOGA ALLIANCE, ACE, and the AMTA.  I work hard to embody my practices and will always do everything in my power with best of intentions for everyone involved,**

Benefits of YOGA (scientifically backed):

  • Decreases Stress

  • Relieves Anxiety

  • May Reduce Inflammation

  • Improves Heart Health

  • Improves Quality of Life

  • May Fight Depression

  • Could Reduce Chronic Pain

  • Could Promote Better Sleep Quality

  • Improves Flexibility & Balance

  • Improves Lung Capacity & Breathing

  • May Relieve Migraines

  • Promotes Healthier Eating Habits

  • Increases Strength, Endurance & Weight-loss

ADDED Benefits of doing YOGA OUTDOORS (scientifically backed):

When spending time outdoors, GROUNDING & CONNECTING with the earth and Iwith nature, the following may happen...

  • Your Vitamin D levels will go up

  • Your Concentration will improve

  • You may Heal Faster

  • Improves Self-esteem and Feelings of Well-being

  • Boosts Creativity

  • Boosts Energy

Our immune system works its hardest when it's supercharged with electrons, which can be obtained in abundance in a surprisingly simple way: by being barefoot on the earth which, we do in YOGA. Because our feet are locations for the connected muscular webbing known as fascia, absorbing energy through the feet—a practice called grounding or earthing—promotes healing throughout the entire body.

Do Yoga. Be Outdoors. Feel Your Best!

Bare feet of man standing barefoot outdo
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
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