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** N-E-W STUDIO 2024!**
**Class Schedule  & Descriptions are  BELOW! **

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*Private Instruction is also available.*

I found yoga about the same time as I was doing some serious soul searching and working thru some tough realizations. When issues from my early-life conditioning started surfacing in my adult life, I began looking to alternative therapies to help me manage my stress.

I started regular massage therapy visits and a yoga practice.  I found that YOGA Nidra and meditation practices helped me the most. This was a time where I made my most profound discoveries. I began to have GREATER CLARITY and PEACE OF MIND.

The more I practice and as I continue on this journey, each and every time I come to my mat, I find myself experiencing more SELF-LOVE, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, and CALM. What is now spilling over in my life is GRATITUDE, NON-JUDGEMENT, and KINDNESS.

I teach intelligently sequenced, safe, and well-rounded classes to a variety of students. I enjoy teaching both VINYASA and HATHA styles of YOGA. I’m also passionate about RESTORATIVE YOGA, all my classes include plenty of opportunity to help you REST, REVITALIZE and RENEW while at the same time, burning calories while lengthening & toning your muscles.

Image by Ashley Whitlatch
Being strong at 40 makes me feel so good
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N-E-W STUDIO 2024! - Circleville, OH:
Convenient location, directly off of Rte. 23.
Offering BO
UTIQUE-Style Fitness Classes with a personal touch.
YOGA Classes are taught at a 1:5 Instructor/Student Ratio
BARRE Babes 1:4, giving you a focused individualized class feel.

Warm & Inviting - Inclusive of ALL - Safe & Comfortable
$15 Drop-In Rate - 5 & 10-Class Passes are Available for a savings.

Classes Offered:

*Click on* each Class below to learn more!
Monday - 5:30p *Barre BABES* (Bi-Weekly)
Tuesday - 5:30a
*Rise & FLOW* (Weekly)
Wednesday - 6p
*All-Levels Vinyasa* (Weekly)
Thursday - 5:30a 
*Rise & FLOW* (Weekly)
Sunday - 9:30a
*Restorative YOGA* (Bi-Weekly)


Class Schedule

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