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Facial Lymphatic Therapy - 30

30-Minute Specialized Therapy for the Treatment of the Face

  • 45 US dollars

Service Description

30-Minute Specialized Therapy can help reduce the frequency of migraines, assists with ear, nose and throat conditions - boosting immunity, it also is amazing for facial rejuvenation. It will reduce facial tension, puffiness, improve circulation, helps by refining discoloration under the eyes and managing breakouts, and can help to reduce wrinkles. In Migraines, by draining the cranial areas from the increase of lymphatic activity of the lymph vessels. The fluid in the walls of intra-cranial arteries has to be transported by these lymph vessels. Application of the technique works the shoulders, neck, face and scalp for an overall soothing and effective treatment therapy that will also encourage ENT drainage and reduce puffiness. *Includes Essential Oils CAUTIONS: People should not have a lymphatic massage if they have congestive heart failure, blood clots, kidney problems, infections, or circulation problems. Specific to the neck, please do not schedule if you have cardiac arrhythmias, sensitive carotid sinus, are on time-released thyroid medications, HxCVA, or recurrent TIAs, Atherosclerosis, or carotid endarterectomy. If a person has any medical conditions, they should talk to a doctor before trying a lymphatic massage.

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