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Foot Reflexology - 30

30-Minute Foot Reflexology

  • 50 US dollars

Service Description

Originally called zone therapy, this method was developed as a way to stimulate life force through applied pressures on reflex points located on the feet. Your practitioner will massage your feet and apply pressure to target areas. For example, if your symptoms are associated with your head and neck, the reflexologist may focus on your toes. The effects of reflexology are unique to each person. Most people experience a sense of calm and relaxation, others find it uplifting and energizing. Please Note: Patients with foot fractures, unhealed wounds, or active gout in the foot should avoid reflexology. Patients with osteoarthritis that impacts the foot or ankle, or those with vascular disease of the legs or feet, should consult with their primary provider prior to beginning reflexology on the feet.

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