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Service Description

Yoga Hiking is simply combining a hike with yoga into one fitness session. You hike on a regular trail and then practice Yoga throughout the hike, or at the end. This rural park offers rolling woodlands and the quiet waters of Hargus Lake. Once part of the state's prairie peninsula, the park's 310 acres showcase a variety of native landscapes and wildlife. A great way to see the park is to hike the Hargus Lake Trail, which traverses the entire lake shoreline. We will meet at Hargus Lake - Dam Side and hike the BLUE nature trail thru the woods (a little over four miles) enjoying our time. We will incorporate some meditation and YOGA poses along the way for added health benefits and FUN! When spending time doing YOGA outdoors, connecting with the EARTH and nature, the following may happen: Vitamin D levels may go up Concentration may improve You may Heal Faster May Improve Self-esteem and Feelings of Well-being May Boost Creativity May Boost Energy REGISTRATION is done thru the BOOK NOW button. This is Weather-Permitting ONLY: *Please check the Facebook Sunshine Upon You page or INSTAGRAM at holly_waddell_lmt the evening before class for any updates. I will post by 9PM, if class is cancelled for any reason. Bring a lidded water bottle and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Bug spray is a good idea as well.

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